Nothing is more fun than a gaggle of greyhounds.

Interested in adopting a Retired Racer?

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  • Greyhounds are quiet, well mannered and loving
  • Greyhounds are clean, with minimal shedding
  • Greyhounds are calm & docile, needing no more exercise then most other large breeds
  • Greyhounds live happily with cats & other small animals
  • Greyhounds are easy to train & are very social
  • Greyhounds are gentle & patient, making them wonderful pets and companions

New Greyhounds!

Reading has gone to the Dogs!

Children read to GRR's adopted greyhound Too Tall in the Short Tales for Too Tall program.
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Photo credit to Ronni Diamondstein

Greyhounds at the Met

Greyhounds in art at the Met Nineteenth-century, modern, and contemporary art curator Gary Tinterow describes the joys of being a long-term greyhound owner.

Squirts Story

3 year old Shaula aka “Squirt” made an amazing recovery after she and 4 of her kennelmates were found near death from starvation & dehydration at the hands of their trainer.
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Watch the heart warming videoof her very happy arrival in NY, adoption and journey HOME, January 5, 2012.