Argus is a stunning 3 year old boy with a shiny, velvety black coat.  He has started his magical journey into pet life by enjoying all the wonders that retirement has to offer.  He adores people, loves car rides & walks, and will melt at the sight of a treat or soft bed.  He will show his appreciation for these simple rewards by showering you with sloppy kisses, a thumping tail or laying his sweet head in your lap. He’s fine on stairs & slippery floors, walks well on a leash with gentle reminders to slow down, ignored the fireworks on New Years eve and sleeps through the night.  We can actually snack on the coffee table in peace and sleep in until 8-8:30 on a weekend.  If you’re tired of this long, cold winter I know an affectionate, loving companion that will warm your heart.  Unfortunately his journey won’t be complete until he finds his forever home so who’s ready to meet their new best friend? 

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