We always have many greyhounds available for adoption who may not be pictured below. Please contact us for more information.

Beth is a beautiful fawn girl with stunning black eye liner. She’s a real love bug who is always ready to go for a walk or a car ride or to investigate anything new that comes her way. She’s a sweet loving girl who gets along wonderfully with other large breeds of dogs and is fine with smaller ones too once she gets a good sniff and realizes that they’re canines, just like her. She’s a gem on leash and will make a GREYT friend and companion to the family lucky enough to adopt her.

Meet Bo, life of the party! But he’s not just the handsomest guy in the room, he’s also charming and loving. Good with new people and other dogs, he’s got a solid temperament.  He likes being in the middle of the action so he would do fine in a busy household including kids. After an outing or walk, he’s happy to nap until you need some canine affection.

After running 63 races, pretty Chanel has recently retired from Florida. We’re still getting to know her but she’s already shown us how personable and outgoing she is. On June 3rd, Chanel will turn 3 years old. She’s still a youngster so she will enjoy getting some exercise and being part of a family where she can be one of the gang. Check back soon for more information on this terrific girl.

Beautiful fawn boy Eli ran over 100 races before he retired and he’s looking for a home to call his own. He’s not the bravest hound in town, with an initial fear of men and children but given time, he will be more confident and become a beloved member of the family. He would like a home with a fenced yard where he can do some zoomies before he relaxes in the sun to work on his tan and another hound to keep him company. This gentle giant is so deserving of a special home where he can continue to blossom and thrive as a pet.

After running 104 races, Fun decided she was ready to live up to her name and have fun as a pet. She’s recently arrived from FL and is an affectionate, happy girl, who was a bit spoiled in the racing kennel where she enjoyed lounging in her crate during her “down” time. She’s a real treat and will make a wonderful, loving part of any family lucky enough to enjoy her.

Beautiful 2 year old Lexi is a recent transplant from FL. She’s getting used to the cool rainy spring weather here in the NE but she really isn’t a fan. Lexi has a big heart and a personality to match. She is a loving girl who won’t do well with small animals and we’d prefer she not have a home with young children as her enthusiasm might be overwhelming to a youngster. Overall Lexi does well on leash though she tends to get excited when she sees a little animal scurrying around. If you want a sweet girl with lots of love to give, Lexi is your lady.

Regal & kind, Box Score, has recently come from FL. It’s rare that a hound with Australian lineage has found its way to our organization, but Score is part Aussie as  his sire, Defrim Bale, was born there. Score isn’t a tail wagging kind of guy. He’s a hound that prefers an environment that’s calm and easy going. He’s going to be a real couch potato once he settles in to pet life. Whoever gets this wonderful guy and watches him blossom will have a kind and loving companion for life.

As part of the international rescue effort we help rescue the Spanish Galgos who suffer unbelievable atrocities when the short rabbit hunting season has ended. They look like small greyhounds and in some respects have very similar personalities. However as they were trained to chase rabbits, Galgos are known to be fence jumpers so a fence of 5’ at the minimum is required. Tristan is a warm hearted, loving boy who likes nothing better than to romp and play with the other hounds in his foster home. With a fenced yard, there’s always activity chasing squirrels and Tristan enjoys the fun. He’s a beautiful and gentle guy and we’re looking forward to finding him the best forever home.


New Greyhounds