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Playful and fun (funny too) just turned 4 yr old Topaz is an absolute delight. He wants to be busy with his family: going for walks or car rides or soccer games. In short he’s a guy who likes to enjoy life. He’s not interested in sharing his home with cats or other small critters but he gets along great …Read more »


Meet Bo, life of the party! But he’s not just the handsomest guy in the room, he’s also charming and loving. Good with new people and other dogs, he’s got a solid temperament.  He likes being in the middle of the action so he would do fine in a busy household including kids. After an outing or walk, he’s happy …Read more »


Beautiful Barry is a kinda shy guy and will try to hide when he sees new people, but he’s quick to bond and OH so sweet. He’s fine with small dogs and he didn’t show any interest on his first introduction to cats. He is definitely braver with another hound as a friend and companion. To know him is to …Read more »

New Greyhounds